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About Kevin "the Tac Daddy"

"I have been around the block in the firearms industry as a student, teacher, live show host, influencer, content creator & editor, talent manager, company consultant, and much more. Along the way, I've met the people and done the things. This site is simply a place to share some of that information with you in order to help you save time.  

I hope to see you in a class or at an event soon!"

Kevin "The TacDaddy" Reichard

Logically Emotional in Parkland

Most people know that family is the most important thing in my life, part of the history of  "TacDaddy" involves my 2 girls and living in Parkland before, during, and after the shooting at their High School.  My personal therapy in the aftermath included creating a written,  and then audio version of the book.  It's something I hope you and your family never have to endure, and it's a big part of what motivates 

and drives me today when instructing in person. 

JUMP - a video about what I was up to in January, 2017 in Las Vegas....