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Wireless USB DVR Complete Surveillance System - 4 Channel

Wireless USB DVR Complete Surveillance System - 4 Channel
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Product Description

This very handy and very convenient 4 CHANNEL WIRELESS USB DVR SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM will turn your home or office computer into a powerful, world-wide video surveillance system in just 5 minutes or less.

Just as the 4 Channel Wired USB model makes a complete system much more affordable, especially for those with a tight budget, this 4 Channel Wireless USB model, also makes a complete system fit into your budget, but with the wonderful "wireless" technology, which is sometimes important when placing surveillance cameras around the home.

We've put together an easy-to-install, and easy-to-use, complete wireless USB DVR all-in-one surveillance package for you. Even a family renting an apartment or a small house, can certainly benefit from the features of a home surveillance system. This beauty also makes a great gift.

We live in a time when many families need and want the security, and the "peace of mind" that comes with having a Digital Video Recorder and some strategically placed surveillance cameras keeping "an eye" on things at home, whether they're gone, or even if there's a sitter with the kids.

This complete home surveillance system includes the following components, which easily connect to your existing computer:

(1) USB Digital Video Recorder, which turns your computer into a security center for the home. (DVR-USB) (4) Day/Night Color Wireless Bullet Cameras, which can be placed just about anywhere, without the hassle of wires. (BC-30GC-DN) (4) 2.4 GHz Video Receivers to receive the images from the cameras. (TR-2.4)

Here's the best part, if you bought all of these items separately, this wonderful system would end up costing you $1,588.00. But by purchasing the complete system from us, you only pay $1299...a savings of over $265.00!