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Wired USB DVR Complete System - 4 Channel

Wired USB DVR Complete System - 4 Channel
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Product Description

Even with a limited budget, a homeowner or even a home renter, can still afford to have a home surveillance system. This 4 CHANNEL WIRED USB DVR SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM actually turns your home or office computer into a very powerful, world-wide video surveillance system in just 5 minutes or less. You no longer have to worry about what the kids are doing, or not doing, when you're away from home, and you do not have to worry about the treatment the little ones are receiving from the older ones, or from a "nanny" or babysitter.

Many smaller homes can be well covered with four cameras, and the wired variety are more affordable than the wireless technology. This is a great starter set, for anyone who wants to have some "peace of mind" about their home and family members. Even a young couple with one baby, in a rented apartment, can benefit from this affordable home surveillance system.

We've put together a complete wired USB DVR all-in-one surveillance package for you. This is very easy to install, and very easy-to-use!

(1) USB Digital Video Recorder, that hooks up to a computer, easily and effortlessly. (DVR-USB) (4) Top quality Day/Night Color Wired Bullet Cameras, with InfraRed Technology, and nice sharp color video recording. (BC-30WC-DN) (4) 100 foot Video Cables, which will be plenty for the smaller home or apartment. (CA-100)